The MANDALA is a circular form used in Darshini t-shirt designs. It is a cosmic diagram representing the Universe, wholeness and our relation to infinity.

unity UNITY, in the form of a ouroboros, is a snake eating its tail. It forms a circle symbolizing the eternal cycle of renewal: creation out of destruction and life out of death. In depicting the unity of all things, it speaks of infinity and of the end being the beginning. And so – in remembering our oneness with the universe – we are never alone.

balance BALANCE contains the yin and yang symbol representing the primordial opposites found in all things. Noticing the small dot of black in the white field and the small dot of white in the black, we see that everything contains its opposite. The principle of harmony and balance are embraced; light in every dark and dark in every light. With this in mind we are able to come into balance as we embrace the constant flux of the whole.

success SUCCESS is symbolized by the Hindu figure of Ganesha, an elephant headed deity. He is said to be the remover of obstacles and his blessing is sought at the beginning of any new venture. In calling upon Ganesha, rather than our limited self and personality, to destroy obstacles and bring success, we can trust in his power, or the power of the Divine, to bring us wisdom, peace and prosperity

PROTECTION. Throughout history, the hand has been a universal sign of divine protection, symbolizing the shielding Hand of God. It also represents power, strength, health and good fortune. In all faiths the hand is considered a blessing and reminds us that when we call upon the Divine in our day-to-day journey with life, we can feel both protected and blessed, just as we protect and bless others.

renewal RENEWAL. Because the peacock naturally replaces its feathers every year, it is a symbol of renewal. And because the ancients believed its flesh did not decay after death, it was also considered immortal .The peacock has the ability to eat poisonous snakes without harm and is thought, like the phoenix, to have the power of resurrection. Therefore, any situation in which we find ourselves has the power to transform and renew itself becoming, like the peacock, iridescent and whole.

Compassion COMPASSION. As hands protect the heart in this drawing, so, too, we hold and protect the hearts of all beings through the energy of compassion. Symbolically the heart is the center of emotion. It is tender and vulnerable. It sustains our being and animates our lives. With compassion for all, kindness becomes second nature. Our capacity for tenderness, intimacy and affection grows and the world becomes a better place.

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