Wear-A-Prayer T-shirts:

Darshini Arts Wear-A-Prayer T-Shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors. All designs are inspired by the Eastern tradition of using the circular form of a mandala as a meditation tool. Mandalas have been used throughout time and by many traditions as cosmic diagrams representing the universe, wholeness and our relation to infinity.

Darshini’s themes represent transcendent principles that we can cultivate to achieve harmony, ranging from relationships with each other and ourselves, to Peace On Earth.

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The hand is a universal symbol of protection. It represents power, strength, health and good fortune. In all faiths it reminds us to call upon the Divine for protection and blessing, just as we are called upon to protect and bless others.

Reflects the Eastern symbol of yin and yang representing the opposites found in all things. It reminds use of the principle of harmony, and that balance is maintained by embracing the whole.

As hands protect the heart in this drawing, so, too, we protect the tender hearts of all beings through the energy of compassion. When we do so, kindness becomes second nature and the world becomes a better place.

Because the peacock replaces is the feathers every year, it is the symbol of renewal. The peacock’s ability to transform itself in this way reminds us that we also have the power to heal, renew and transform ourselves.

It is symbolized by Ganesha, the elephant headed Hindu diety. He is said to remove obstacles. In calling upon him for success, we trust in his power, or the power of the Divine, to bring us peace and prosperity.

In a form known as the ouroborus, is an image of a snake swallowing its tail. Its circle symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and death, the unity of all things and the truth that – as part of everything – we are never alone.

The butterfly symbolizes going deep in the cocoon of transition and realizing old fears and wounds. Its transformation shows us that we can go beyond what we believe possible, to making the impossible a reality.

A powerful symbol of growth, the tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout its lifetime. It also serves as a model for the unfolding development of both psyche and spirit. Under this World Tree the Buddha transformed all negative energies and achieved enlightenment.

OM is the song of creation, the sound of life and that which sustains everything. Chanting this sacred sound can help us reconnect with forces within the universe and the divinity within each of us.

This symbol, or kanji, represents love and stands for the connection between spirit and matter. Considered to be the abode of the creator, it is the first part of us to be created and will be the last to die. Therefore to love with our whole heart is to promise to go on loving until our last breath.

The symbol in the middle of this mandala was originally used by the anti-war movement and is now known as a symbol for Peace. It is surrounded by symbols of world religions, for it is only when all people come together in love that peace will reign.

Inspired by a Buddha head, this mandala is not only symbolic, but a spiritual representation of the enlightened one’s wisdom. Wisdom is not information.
It is a relaxed state of being in which our inner self is awake, alert, compassionate and filled with light. It is our true state; one to which we can all aspire.

The images are based on symbols from various spiritual traditions. Each mandala represents a transcendent principle that we can cultivate to achieve harmony ranging from relationships with ourselves and others, to Peace On Earth.

All images can be special ordered in different colors and in children’s sizes. Prices of special orders may vary. Arrival of special order purchases will take longer than that for orders of t-shirts in stock.

We anticipate adding more t-shirt designs and additional products like coffee mugs, cell phone covers, note cards and calendars in the future. We hope you’ll check in every now and then to see new products as they become available.

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