SkylerArtist Skyler Darshini Freimann’s life has been defined by spiritual experiences. She has studied and practiced Hinduism, Sufism and Taoism. Darshini is her Hindu spiritual name.

Skyler became a photographer of acclaim, winning numerous awards and staging one person exhibits in the San Francisco bay area. Her photographs were featured in newspapers, magazines and anthologies, and her first photo book, Ring of Dreams was published by California Living Books. A photo essay Passion play, boxers are portrayed in unexpected and soul stirring black and white photographs accompanied by Biblical quotes, fighting their way back from knockouts to resurrection. This book is out of print but can be found on and other internet locations. It is now considered a collector’s item.

Skyler received her Masters degree in transpersonal counseling from the John F. Kennedy University in Oakland, California and soon after moved to Portland, Oregon where she specialized in transpersonal psychotherapy with a spiritual emphasis until her retirement.

The presence of Divine Light has been with Darshini since she was a child and has become a continuous state of living in a heightened awareness of Oneness –- a joyful and indescribable journey. It is from this place of Light that she draws her pen and ink mandalas symbolizing meaningful personal qualities and aspirations; i.e., compassion; protection; peace.

It is from this place, too, that her book One with the Sofa: A Spiritual Guide for the Physically Challenged emerged. It has been described as

“a gem … every page throbbing intensely with heart energy and everywhere you can hear the voice of a seasoned sage speaking from her experience.”

Another reader said,

“it is an integration of words and pictures. They play off each other with a dynamism that is both delightful and insightful. It is a contemporary contribution to the great Taoist tradition, so simple and therefore so powerful in its potential to awaken.”

One with the Sofa is available at


Business manager and spouse Allanya Guenther graduated from Reed College with her Masters in the Art of Teaching.  She worked several years as a teacher and administrator for Mendocino County Community Schools, headquartered in Ukiah, California. A move to Berkeley California and the position of Executive Director of Pacific Center for Human Growth in the early 1980s thrust her into the emerging and devastating crisis of AIDS. She led the agency in the formation of the East Bay AIDS Project, one of the first in the nation to organize volunteers to provide personal support to those with AIDS.

Ever an impassioned advocate for the disenfranchised, Allanya has been a successful executive director for several minority agencies, raising their profiles in the community, starting innovative programs and raising money as an independent grant writer for sexual minorities, pregnant/mothering teenagers, drug and alcohol treatment programs and respite care centers for mothers at risk of abusing their children.

Allanya’s life has also been defined by her spiritual journey as a young adult into other faith traditions. This led her to eventually join the Unitarian Church as her understanding of the commonality of spiritual traditions grew, and she embraced that all faith traditions share common spiritual messages.

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